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Icons are @

i'm ashley and i saw your amazing work at creative strokes
& felt the need to add you on lj. friends?

hey im lama, hope yu dont mind, i added cos i saw ur work on creativestrokes and thier stunning ^^

It's karen (in_shock or See The Sun on all those forumZ :p)
Added you :)

Hi Karen!
Thanks for adding, you're already on my list ^.^

I'm adding you. I really adore your icons! :)

Thank you so much!
And sure, adding you back!

Hi! is it okay if I add you? =D

Hi- I'm so sorry, I'm totally new to this and I have no idea how to credit you. Can you tell me what I need to do?


That's ok :)
What you need to do is:
1. Go to "manage userpics"
2. Write :

in the "comment box" of the userpic.
3. Click "save settings"

That's it. :D

I keep seeing all your awesome icons over at Watson_icontest and thought I'd friend you :)

Thanks! Added you back :)

Hey! I see you a lot in the comm: watson_icontest. Just wanted to add you as a friend. I'm Sammie, by the way. ^_^

Hey Sammie :D Added you back.

i love all of your icons! friends?

Realy loved your work please add me back..=)
♥ =)

Thank you!
Added =) We have loadz in common...

Hello, I really like your work and would like to add u, mind adding me back? :)

Thanks a lot :)
& not at all! Adding you back =D

(Deleted comment)
Thank you ^^
Sure, added you back :)

I added you and hopefully you'll add me back :)

Love your stuff btw. (Not meant in a pervy way)

Just did =)

Lol, thank you! No, i didn't take it the pervy way. ^^

i added you :)
i'd love if you would add me back.

your banner is lovely.

Sorry im replying late, didn't see this post XP
I'll add you :)

Thank you! ^^

I added U...)))And I wish U add me back!

hey i added you, you seem cool & we have stuff in common too. add me back? (:

Hi, I saw your icons and fall in love with them. I think you're a really amazing graphics maker. And also I've seen you winning a couple of Dan's icon contests in here. Mind if I add you?

Thank you so much!
Not at all; I'll add you back :)

LOVE your graphics!! And you like Twilght and Harry Potter...wanna be Friends?

Added you! I love your icons x3045646456

THank you =)
Added you back.

hey, if you have time can you please enter at glitterati_x we are in serious need of entries and I'd like not to extend, thanks. here is the link to challenge 32.

Hey Angie, it's Isabel! Your stuff is so amazing, I could stare at your icons for hours :D Added you as a friend :)

Hey Isabel!!
Thank you so much hun ^^
Added you too =)

my names mattie and i'm looking for new friends who like twilight so i'm adding you

Hey Mattie =)
Added you back

Mind if I friend you? I love your icons.

Thank you =D
Not at all; ill add you back.

Added you as a Friend. Feel free to add back if you like.


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